Wie is de mol? S16E01 recap

widmposterHappy New Year – WIDM is back!

This year the action starts “somewhere in the Netherlands” as Art briefs the Mole in readiness for their adventure in the Dominican Republic.

So, are there clues in the briefing? Is Art looking up at the Mole, revealing that he/she is taller than the host? Time will tell, I’m sure.

We get our first mention of “follow the money” and advice that the Mole might want to be seen to earn some money. Money that contains a hidden mosaic of the Mole’s face. Will the cast discover this hidden secret? (I doubt it as it would make a fantastic reveal later if they did!).

We then get a rundown of the cast through the dossiers Art has. From sore loser Airen to Tim who waits for an opponent to make a mistake then strikes, we hear a little about each of the candidates before the dramatic music kicks in. (I think I may prefer this to the UK theme which is saying something as that’s my phone ringtone!)

The episode is entitled “wijsmaken”, which Marieke translates as “Making someone believe something/wise”, Google translate has it as “make believe” and one website translates it as “fooled”.

We see our intrepid candidates waiting in the Santo Domingo subway and Klaas is met by Art who has an assignment for him. Then, one by one the candidates board the train (is the number significant? –  M-1272)

In the first assignment, the candidates have to collect people in some kind of live action 12 days of Christmas (four women called Maria, three men with beards two 36 year olds and a partridge in a pear tree) and for a moment it looks like Tim has gone full Vytas mode and I’m expecting him to offer free Yoga and massages. We get to learn the Spanish for red nails and I’m pretty sure if Ellie asked me to go to Mamatingo, I’d go!

We then see Rop and Tim stage a baby abduction which somehow doesn’t cause an international scandal (seriously, who lets two crazy Dutchmen take their baby?) and finally the poor people of Santo Domingo get to escape. Apart from the ones they’ve collected, of course.

They fail in their assignment but fortunately, Klaas predicted this in his secret mission and they win €1000 for the pot. Tim decides to hang on to his €100 share until the morning and Ellie is determined to become the treasurer.

As the group heads out to the countryside, Taeke tells us he plans to eliminate everyone who isn’t the Mole (I believe him!) and Marjolein is looking for a pact.

And so, to the second assignment. Dragging a ‘Topito’ through the sand. It looks like the History wedge from a giant game of trivial pursuit to me. The group can stop dragging at certain points to win money or have some players exempt from going home and they don’t see their screens.

Each person decides where to place a randomly chosen name on the board which detemines their order. The only twist is we won’t know whether it’s the top of the list or the bottom that gets exemptions until after the test.

hmmm... Where's Cecile's name?

hmmm… Where’s Cecile’s name?


The team fails to win money after weirdly dragging the mojito…pepito…topito out of the €1500 square with seconds left on the assignment. Afterwards Ellie brings up the topic of treasurer again and Tim and Ellie both want the role so of course they vote…for Klaas.

Klaas is delighted to be nominated for treasurer

Klaas is delighted to be treasurer

Maybe this is why…

timthreatAnd then it’s time to take the test. With so few clues in the first episode, the wise move is to spread your bets. Tim in an uncharacterstic (!) moment of madness, decides that Cécile being on the green €100 bill and wearing some green in her shoes (and don’t forget the giant Trivial Pursuit wedge was green!), must be suspicious.

Art picks out a red stick reversing the order so we only get to see the screens of Rop, Klaas and Annemieke with everyone else automatically through. Fortunately though, none of those three have scored lowest so we see all 10 progress to show two, and we know that none of these three was the person with the lowest score.

In the preview for next week, we are reminded:







After episode one, my Mole pick is: Remy (It’s a bit of a stab in the dark this early on)

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  1. Click

    Hello sir! Why is your pick Remy at this point? ^_^

    Based on viewings of past seasons – what do you think of the “mosaic” twist? I personally think it’s lacking. I doubt anyone will see it – but if they do – it’d be a cheap way to discover the Mole.

    1. Anthony (Post author)

      Hi. Thanks for dropping by. I have picked Remy this week as he seemed very quiet as if he was figuring out who will take which roles but at this stage it is a total guess.

      I don’t think anyone will get the mosaic. I think it would have been held back as a surprise if they had but you never know…



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