Wie is de Mol? S16E02 recap

Episode2 – “The last word, literally”

Nobody went home after episode 1 and Art begins by telling us that this week will be different: 3 assignments and someone definitely going home.

In the title sequence, we see the old moles then immediately we see Remy – is this a clue? Apparently for the second time we hear Annemieke say “behind you!” before cutting to the group photo where Remy is behind her…

He's behind you!

He’s behind you!

We start in the salt flats and everybody is happy and relieved to have made it through the first execution. Art explains that the first assignment is all about communication – clearly Ellie’s police skills will come in handy and she makes sure everyone knows this!

All the have to do is fill four containers with the right kind of salt. Easy, right? Wrong! Chaos ensues. Is this due to the general panic, or is the Mole at work?

Despite what looked like a lot of work, nobody is achieving much and Taeke and Tim decide to for for a jog


Just when it looks like some progress is being made, Remy drops the wheelbarrow. Suspicious? I’m not sure. It could be genuine – that stuff looks heavy but as I’m developing tunnel vision for Remy, my spider sense is tingling here

I hope he threw some over his shoulder for good luck!

I hope he threw some over his shoulder for good luck!

With some superhuman effort, Klaas moves a kart all the way along the track. Sure, it’s the wrong cart but hey, we can’t have everything. Tim provides more comedy gold with his cart and it looks like maybe there is a plan coming together


For a change, Taeke was completely useless and looking nothing like a former professional sportsman! (what is it with this guy – he seems so laid back). As time is called on the first assignment, Art discusses how it all went wrong.

At dinner, Ellie delivers one of her famous lectures on using radio equipment. “ETHER DISCIPLINE!” I’m really loving Ellie and I hope she makes it far in the game.

We then move on to the Plaza de Espania in Santo Domingo for assignment number two. The team has to arrange a large group of people to where they were sitting at the beginning when Art takes a photo. We learn some important advice from our Harper’s Bizarre correspondent:

Wise words, indeed

Wise words, indeed

To reconstruct a group photos with what looks like hundreds of people, seems pretty much inpossible. Then Rop suggests thinking in blocks, not rows and we see some confidence. Marjolein is allocated the role of observer and immediately starts disrupting everybody. This task delivers Cecile’s legendary “You are like a banana with expensive shoes” which has to be my favourite line in this episode.(I never did work out who the banana man was).

Ellie again tells us how great she will be at this task and Art takes the photo. Within 12 minutes, everyone has a spot and things are looking good. Is the Mole sitting this one out?

When Art checks, he goes row by row so it’s impossible to tell where the errors are. Rop decided to use blocks – clue? A lot goes wrong in Ellie’s middle block (but I thought she would be good here?)

The team earns €700 and it’s celebration time.

I saw that too

I saw that too

The team decides who the pairs will be for the final assignment this week and we then move to the monastery where Art outlines a choice they have to make. Each pair in turn is offered the same decision: One person goes into the monastery to look around for 10 minutes and the other person is given 2 jokers. Alternatively, they can both enter for 5 minutes but no jokers. Tim and Taeke decide to split the jokers with Tim going in. Inside he sees a white face (a former mole) who offers him some advice:

Maybe it’s easier not to look for the mole but for the other candidates. Deduction, as a strategy.

Then a male former mole tells him:

Whoever seem the most genuine gains the group’s trust. There is only one person in the group who gains most from trust. But the game doesn’t change in front of your eyes, the game always changes behind your back

Then he learns

I am going to let you in on “follow the money”. A mole that wins money in the game will always fins a way to lose the money again.

Finally, he is told

Jokers, exemptions…The mole doesn’t need these things unless it’s used to manipulate or to trade against money from the pot. The game doesn’t change in front of your eyes, the game changes behind your back.

Tim explains what happened to Taeke and he seems to be pretty genuine with him.

Cecile and Klaas go next and decide that the best move is to do the same as Tim and Taeke. Laaas insists on being the person to go in and suddenly Cecile changes her mind and they both enter. Ceile justifies this by saying jokers are not important this early in the game.

Margriet van der Linden tells Cecile:

Take my advice to heart and you’ll see the finale is within reach. It depends on your own judgement

We hear:

And a final tip: Keep and eye on your mole book

As Cecile is walking, one of the former moles is saying:

…you’ll know what to do when you get outside. Search and you’ll find the game is your map

As Klaas is moving we hear:

What would you do as the mole? The mole usually does the opposite

Interestingly, this is moment after he goes the opposite way to Cecile – clue?

then we hear:

So think contra – the game changes behind your back…look around you…focus

The words chosen by the former moles may have some significance in Dutch, Check out the WIDM Hints page for more on this.

Rop seems to make the decision on behalf of himself and Annemieke very quickly and he is advised

Try to avoid tunnel vision. A conspicuous mole is a weird mole. But a frightened candidate.

Then Rop is told:

If you take me seriously and use my information, the mole is closer than you think. If you listen to us all, we’ll put you on the road to the mole. But if you listen to us individually and really take the information to yourself, you’ll easily find the mole. The game always changes behind your back

Then, the oh-so observant Ellie elects to go inside and proceeds to spend the entire time digging in the dirt (like a mole?) for 10 minutes looking for an exemption. Bizarre behaviour!

While she is looking around, the former moles tell us what we already know:

In this old monastery, there are 5 former moles. As a source of information to make your search for the mole easier. We are going to let you in on the secrets to help you find the mole. To be fanatical is no guarantee of success. You don’t recognise the mole in daylight. You’ll catch the mole underground.

Ellie emerges having found nothing and we move on to Remy and Airen. Remy gets to go inside while Airen holds the jokers. Remy’s advise is as follows:

As a candidate you’ll be cheated and manipulated. Blinded by your hunt for the one…the mole. Knowledge is power in Wie is de Mol. In your attempt to find the mole, you have to gather as much information as you can. Money seems unimportant at times, but it’s not. The game never changes in front of your eyes but always behind your back. Are you, yourself 100% trustworthy? So? Don’t rely on anyone but yourself

When Remy comes out he starts to bargain information for a joker. Airen agrees and we wrap up this assignment with Art reiterating for what seems the hundredth time this episode:

Really, Art? We hadn't heard that one before

Really, Art? We hadn’t heard that one before

Although he tells us that he doubts the candidates understand what it means.

At breakfast there is much discussion of the previous night. There is some deception and Ellie manages to not look like an idiot for not heating the voices. This benefits Marjolein most of all as she was completely in the dark.

Quiz time and despite having a joker, we lose Airen. Such a shame but the game moves on…

After episode two, my Mole pick is: Remy but it’s hard to resist the clues pointing to Klaas

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