Wie is de Mol? Season 16 Hints Log

This page contains all the hints/clues I can find from either watching the episode myself of through forums and social media. I’m going to miss lots, so let me know using the comments below, or via twitter @rockcentralpod using #WIDM or #WIDMHints.

Happy Hunting!

Episode 1 – wijsmaken. To fool or make believe

In no particular order:

The phrase “follow the money”. Art refers to the mosaic on the banknotes but is there more to this? Is it significant that Ellie is detemined to become the treasurer?

The number on the train M-1272. Is there anything here? Does it refer to December 1972? If so, why?

Searching for 54 people. 5+4 Ellie+Lust? via @Moffel_de_mol

Cécile’s name is not seen in the shot during the tepito task:

hmmm... Where's Cecile's name?
hmmm… Where’s Cecile’s name?

Another train number clue, and another theory from @Moffel_de_mol:

Anagram of 1962?
Anagram of 1962?

Marlolein’s date of birth is 1962. hmmm….

How about this from, you guessed it @Moffel_de_mol

Exit sign/ M=Mole?
Exit sign/ M=Mole?

Does the exit sign indicate that Airen is on her way out of the show? Or does the M (and possibly O) show us something more interesting?

Finally (for now) can you help with this one and the numerous other Dutch play on words that we will see?

Play on words that doesn't translate into English
Play on words that doesn’t translate into English

Mole Diary  – Episode 1

thanks to Kim on bothersbar.co.uk for translating

I am the mole! I went into battle. But because I always want to be prepared, after my application for the mole job, a secret meeting with Art quickly followed.

Somewhere in the Netherlands. Halfweg, it was. Or am I saying too much?

In Santo Domingo we immediately went underground. All of those people. They weren’t important for money. We won thousand Euro. Ten green hundreds. Ten parts of my portrait.
Ah, you know. Although this year, I have an extra reason to keep the money low, but it’s satisfying for the group’s spirit. I know how to get it out. And otherwise the
contestants will do it themselves, later on.

“The game doesn’t change before your eyes, the game changes behind your back.”
We neatly choose a treasurer of the money. To get some grip on the money. Haha! Don’t me make laugh! But okay. It seems it’ll be the ten of us once more, en then we’ll have to say farewell to one person. Because it’s still a game. My game!


That’s enough for now. Don’t forget to comment or tweet me if you have more or you can help. Thanks to @Moffel_de_mol for being the big contributor this week!

Episode 2 – The last word, literally

OK, let’s start with the title and skip straight to the last word, literally, of the show. Here it is my little molloten:

If you don't count the "Next week" segment, Remy also had the last word in the show when at the end of the test, he said "self"
If you don’t count the “Next week” segment, Remy also had the last word in the show when at the end of the test, he said “self”

So, this week I  have mainly been in tunnel vision mode looking at Remy, even though there’s a big theory (we’ll come to it soon) pointing me in another direction altogether. I thought dropping the wheelbarrow looked a bit suspect

I hope he threw some over his shoulder for good luck!
I hope he threw some over his shoulder for good luck!

And I also maybe thought this was a clue:

Is this the game happening behind Remy's back?
Is this the game happening behind Remy’s back?

There was also someone on Twitter who pointed out that harpists sit at the front of an orchestra so their game takes place behind Remy’s back. Frankly, I was in for anything that pointed to Remy this week as I picked him after episode 1.

So, to the big hint/clue, hell some people have even called it a spoiler this week. In case you’ve missed it, some bright sparks spotted that what the former moles said to Klaas, had significance and to be honest, it’s easy to see why:

So, let’s look at it:

c.f. usually means "compare with"
c.f. usually means “compare with”

Now, I can see why people are going for this and they may be right but there is a part of me that is saying to look deeper. I’m translating this as “compare the Mole to Klaas”. NOT “Klaas is the Mole”. Here’s my crazy theory

  1. We know that the game happens behind your back (this might also mean in the past?)
  2. Ellie is the police spokesperson on Dutch TV. I have unconfirmed information that her predecessor in this role was called Klaas (an anybody verify this?)
  3. Compare the Mole with Klaas – Compare Ellie with her predecessor.

It’s bonkers but she was pretty inept in episode 2 considering her background. Didn’t take control in the salt flats task despite her ether discipline passion. Didn’t have a good memory for faces in assignment 2 and in the monastery she was about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Here’s something else I found online about Klaas (the one in the show!) that may carry some weight but it seems a bit of a stretch. Someone has looked at the bank notes and says it would make sense for the image to be of Klaas:


Let’s see on that one!

Mole Diary – Episode 2

Long live the diary! Because who would’ve thought? Five members from the society
of old moles are pointing the contenstants in the right direction.

“For me, there was only one thing I had to do: Getting over set-backs.
Just doing my thing without being disturbed. Trust in yourself. I am the one with the
last word!”

Even about the money. Next week is the power about the test, guys! Then, chances will
be very high that someone will have a lot of money for it. I can’t wait for it.
The 700 Euro we earned with 7 correct stairs, and 7 wrong stairs. And 0 Euro at the
salt mines… what a shabby impression. I think it should’ve been higher.

Oh and molloten (the fans), don’t worry. You may of course keep the mole money yourself.
No problem!

Many thanks to everyone providing hints but this week @mollenhints and WIDM Uncovered have been very helpful

Episode 3  – “the writer lives on”

Has anyone noticed Taeke’s hats and t shirts? In the first two episodes here wore this hat:

D E M L (It’s close, right?)

And in episode 3 he is wearing this hat and shirt combo:

Disco Dolly + Mets De Mol is there
Disco Dolly + Mets
De Mol is there

This can’t be a coincidence can it? Or am I just in shock because my early pick, Remy, is gone!

Mole Diary – Episode 3 (thanks Kim!)

We put the Mole in it’s place! Well.. May I warn you about the
following things? One; a mole rarely shows itself above ground.

Because why would one show itself when it can barely see? And two; I was busy creating my own territory. Follow the money. But literally.

Time for fresh wind. Another detection method.

And now I could finally strike. We earned 4150 Euro. An offer of 3245 Euro. Ten Euro more or less doesn’t really matter. Result? 1810 Euro in the pocket! Mission accomplished.

The power about the tests is worth more than the money. Not to me, really.

“For me it is about my true face; my portret on the back of the money. I know the answers. And I am greedy… But the contenstants even more.”

It went exactly as a Mole hoped it would.

What awaitated was the departure of Remy. Ahh.. So true! “Every time you begin to understand more about the Mole, you end up right back at the beginning.” You paid dearly for that. One comfort; it’s the same for the other contenstants. And they have to continue with the game. You will never come back.

3 thoughts on “WIDM Hints”

  1. About the “molcf” clue, you could see that the word “contra and focus” don’t have the same length with the other 3 words. Take a look:

    M O L B O E K
    O O R D E L L
    L E G E N D A
    _ C O N T R A
    _ _ F O C U S

    You could see that if we “align right” the text the left most part only spells “mol”, maybe that’s what is intended and the “cf” doesn’t mean anything.

  2. You could be right and it means nothing at all. In which case, Klaas looks like a good suspect. Contra Focus could definitely mean don’t focus on Klaas as well. hmmmm

    1. I think the message they are trying to tell is “mol klaas” and not “molcf klaas”, that’s why the words “contra” and “focus” are shorter than the other words.

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